Step 1
You’ll need a measuring tape and a friend to help you take your measurements. This will only take you about 10 minutes. Don’t worry it’s easy, we have “How to properly measure yourself’ photos to show you where and how. However if your still worried, print the photos and take them to a tailor, and get them to measure you.

Depending on what products you’ve ordered, please select and complete the appropriate measurements form from the list below. If you’re unsure of which to choose, fill out the Complete Body Measurements form or contact us.

If you live in Vancouver, send us an email or call and we’ll be happy to take your measurements for you.


Step 2
Choose a design; corset, skirt or even better- both for a complete outfit! Steampunk, Cosplay…you get the idea. Select your fabric, colors and figure out what you want on it, our custom quote form will help you out.
If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to email or call, we’re happy to help you.


Step 3
Designing your garment.
At this stage we’re invested in designing your garment, and a non-refundable deposit of 100$ which goes towards your order must be paid.
Birdcage offers custom fitted and designed corsets and alt wear. This means your garment is a birdcage design, but we encourage you to choose fabric, colors and a style that suits you. You’re welcome to choose from a pre-existing design on the site and change the colors or fabric to your tastes. But we would love to collaborate with you to create something specifically tailored to you.
Birdcage is dedicated to working with you until you’re happy with your design and fabric choice. Once you give us your ideas, we will come up with two drawn designs for you to choose from; from there you can make up to two alterations. After that, design and consultation will cost a 50$ fee for ongoing work of up to 2 more alterations.
Once we’ve designed something you’re happy with, we will proceed with constructing your garment. There are no more allowable changes at this point.
We will email photos of your designs and fabric. However we understand that sometimes you want to see the fabric in person, we’re happy to send you up to 5 swatches free of charge, once.


Step 4
Proceed with payment and 5 weeks later your garment will be shipped to you!