Welcome to Birdcage Corsetry, custom corset makers in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Birdcage makes high quality custom; hand-made originally designed corsets and alt wear made specifically to fit you. We specialize in making non-traditional corsets and outfits you can wear anywhere.

All patterns are hand drawn and cut for every individual order.  We don’t have Corsets and outfits pre-made in stock, nor do we have patterns already crafted in your typical, off-the-rack sizing. Your pattern isn’t made until we have your exact measurements.

Women know how hard it is to find something that fits them perfectly; we don’t all have the same body shape, so for most of us, average sizing just doesn’t work.  Women with ample breasts need extra support in the right places to maintain shape and position, where women with a smaller bust may want extra attention focused towards enhancing the bust.  Whether you’re looking for a comfortable, long wearing corset, waist training, traditional hour glass figure, or something designed for your specific, creative needs, it can be achieved here. We specialize in making corsets in non-traditional materials and styles that are original, fun and Alty.

Every piece on the site is original; the designs displayed here have a distinct style and theme. So you will not be able to order the exact piece in the photo, this is the idea behind a custom ordered product. The designs displayed give you an idea of what can be achieved, and we can recreate the pattern, but not necessarily with the same fabrics, accessories or detailing. This is your custom piece, be creative, tell us your favorite color, style, theme and we’ll work with you to design your original creation. Nobody else will be walking around wearing your outfit.


Every corset is hand-made with steel boning, is fully lined, constructed of three layers of fabric for durability and can be altered to your specifications. Any corset can be made shorter or longer, the bottom front can be pointed into deep V’s or gentle curves. The backs can be straight, curved or pointed; it’s entirely to your preference. We can work with you to make something that you’ve had in mind for awhile, or saw somewhere and thought “Wow! I want that! Any corset design here can be made to fit your personal style: Alty, Pin-up, Steam Punk, Goth, Elegant, Country, you name it. If you have a style in mind; we can help you achieve it.

Birdcage Corsets don’t often use busks as we find we don’t like the way they alter the front and limit creative options. We also find that they are a pain to close, and most corsets start coming apart there from all the wear and tear. But if you would like a busk, we’re happy to put one in for you.

Every piece on the site is original, the patterns shown are a template for you. You’re more than welcome to order any product shown, but be aware that we will not be able to exactly recreate it. We do not purchase bolts of fabric or accessories to mass produce any of the designs. The idea behind a custom ordered piece, is that it is original. You’re the only person who will be walking around in your outfit, no more awkward moments at events! We encourage you to choose your favorite color and style and we will work with you to create a piece tailored only for you.


Every skirt design can be made to mix and match any corset color and style, or be purchased on their own. Please be aware that exact fabric and accessories used in the photos, may not be able to be replicated. This is because we do not purchase rolls of the same fabric to mass produce products. All skirts are fitted exactly to you and are all fully lined, adding weight and durability to the clothing.


All the steampunk outfits displayed here, are made from hand dyed leather. Hand dyed leather gives the garments a textured, authentic look and it allows for a wider range of colors for you to choose from. Please keep in mind, some leather colors aren’t going to be as bold and dramatic as fabric dyes. Because the leather is hand dyed, it takes time to do; please allow an extra week for these orders. Most of the embellishments shown are hand-crafted and made of brass or vintage parts, but not all of them. Because they are hand fabricated into decorative pieces, they won’t be exactly the same per order, but this just means your piece is unique.

All the Steampunk outfits can be made with either leather, fabric or a combination of both. All the Tops, Cinchers, Collars and Skirts can be purchased separately, or mix and matched. Most of the steampunk tops have metal boning sewn in to keep the shape and to help support your bust. For larger endowed women, extra boning will be added for support.


Accoutrements are accessory pieces made to compliment any outfit, from collars, arm guards, head pieces, thigh holster straps, wrist cuffs, arm bands and so on. All pieces are made to match the clothing item you’ve selected or can be purchased on their own. They can be made of leather, fabric or a combination of both and embellished with a multitude of materials.

Care instructions.

  • Do not wash your corset, steampunk or cosplay outfits. They are dry clean only!
  • Keep Corsets flat and straight when stored away.
  • After wearing your corset, leave it out and allow to air dry. They do not need to be cleaned every time you wear them.
  • Try to keep all leather dry and store in a cool place. Do not store in plastic bags as leather needs to breathe.
  • Leather needs to be loved and cared for; buy a gentle leather conditioner and apply when needed to keep your leather soft and supple. Be aware that light dyed leather will sometimes darken when applying conditioner as it contains fats or oils. Do not condition suede.
  • Leather can usually be cleaned with just a damp cloth. Do not rub vigorously when cleaning. Only use a gentle, PH balanced leather cleaner, not general soap. Soap will dry your leather out.