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    Please complete all fields with measurements in inches.

    1. Waist

      This is usually the smallest section of your waist, a little bit above your belly button.
    2. Hips

      Find the top of your hip bones and measure around them, not above them.
    3. Hips and Butt

      This is going to be the widest area of your thigh and butt, if your thighs are still wider a little lower than this, please measure that as well. We’re all shaped differently!
    4. Hipbone to knee

      Find the top of your hip bone and measure to your knee.
    5. Knee to heel of foot

      Be sure to measure exactly where you stopped for the Hip to Knee measurement, and then go all the way to the floor if you’re barefoot, if not, measure to your heel.
    6. Inseam to knee

      Start from your crotch all the way to the floor. Write down the measurement at your knee, ankle and floor.
    7. Knee to heel

      Be sure to start where you stopped and go down to your heel.
    8. Single Upper thigh

      Measure around your upper thigh.
    9. Both Thighs

      Please stand with your legs together for this measurement.
    10. Knee

      Measure around your knee.
    11. Calf

      Measure around your calf.
    12. Ankle

      Measure around your ankle.

    Comments / Additional Requests

    How to Measure
    Trying to figure out how and where to measure yourself can be confusing!! So we have step by step instructions with photos. Just send us your true measurements and we will alter them depending on how you want your corset to fit.
    If you don’t have measuring tape, take string and measure it against a ruler.
    Also please don’t wear shoes when measuring for Skirts and Pants.
    Measurements needed for your corset.