Bridled Honeyeater Skirt




The bridled Honeyeater is a gorgeous mixture of black and red fabrics, coupled with lace to create texture and volume in the back. The bustle is attached to a short, Weever style skirt constructed from dupioni silk fabric, trimmed in a bountiful wreath of black feathers.

HoneyEater Design Description

The HoneyEater is a burlesque type bustle skirt, the length, number of panels and volume can be adjusted to your specifications.

About Birdcage Skirts

Every skirt design can be made to mix and match any corset color and style, or be purchased on their own. Please be aware that exact fabric and accessories used in the photos, may not be able to be replicated. This is because we do not purchase rolls of the same fabric to mass produce products. All skirts are fitted exactly to you and are all fully lined, adding weight and durability to the clothing.