Fieldfare Thrush Set


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The Fieldfare Thrush is a black and white two-toned corset, the front and side panels are a floral print alternated with solid black panels. It has two silver buttons at the top right for simple embellishments, as the two-toned effect is already quite eye-catching. The top drops into a lowered straight-square front line with raised sides that curve gently back down around the back to rest below the shoulder blades.  The bottom dips into a pleasing V that curves back up over the hips to drop back down to sit low on the back.

It’s been paired with the Cinnamon Chested Bee-Eater Skirt, with matching fabrics and silver buttons up the right side.

Blackbird Design Description

The Blackbird design has a high top-sideline that arches slightly up the sides of the breasts. It comes together with a two inch vertical drop mid-center to continue across the bust in a straight line. This design is perfect for creating cleavage with small breasts and for showcasing larger breasts.

About Birdcage Corsets

Every corset is hand-made with steel boning, constructed of three layers of fabric for durability, and can be altered to your specifications.  All corsets can be made shorter or longer, the bottoms pointed into deep Vs or gentle curves. The backs can be straight, curved or pointed – it’s entirely to your preference. We can work with you to make something that you’ve had in mind or saw somewhere and thought, “Wow! I want that!”  All corset designs can be tailored to your personal style: Alty, Pin-up, Steam Punk, Goth, Elegant, Country…you name it.

Birdcage Corsets don’t often incorporate front busks as we find we don’t like the way they alter the front and limit creative options. We also find that they are a pain to close, and most corsets start coming apart there from all the wear and tear.  But if you would like a busk, we’re happy to put one in for you.

Every piece on the site is original; the patterns shown are a template for you. You’re more than welcome to order any product shown, but be aware that we will not be able to exactly recreate it. We do not purchase bolts of fabric or accessories to mass produce any of the designs. The idea behind a custom ordered piece is that it is original. You’re the only person who will be walking around in your outfit. No more awkward moments at events!  We encourage you to choose your favorite color and style and we will work with you to create a piece tailored only for you.