Roadside Hawk Top




This outfit is absolutely eye catching with all the intricate detailing and embellishments throughout the design. The top is a mix of hand dyed reddish, brown leather and Chinese gold brocade silk. The top is fastened closed in the front by gold lace and a single buckle. One cap sleeve is made of the gold brocade and has a detachable long, white sleeve with a frilly white lace cuff. The sleeve is attached using gold ribbon. The detached sleeve is made of white linen with corset style lacing from top to bottom. The back of the top is constructed of both leather and fabric, with one side left open and laced together.

Steampunk Outfit Information

All steampunk outfits are made from hand dyed leather. Hand dyed leather gives the garments a textured, authentic look and it allows for a wider range of colors for you to choose from. Please keep in mind, some leather colors aren’t going to be as bold and dramatic as fabric dyes. Because the leather is hand dyed, it takes longer to complete each outfit; please allow an extra week for these orders. Most of the embellishments shown are hand-crafted and made of brass or vintage parts, but not all of them. Because they are hand fabricated into decorative pieces, they won’t be exactly the same per order, but this just means your piece is unique.

All Steampunk outfits can be made with either leather, fabric or a combination of both. All the Tops, Cinchers, Collars and Skirts can be purchased separately, or mix and matched. Most of the steampunk tops have metal boning sewn in to keep the shape and to help support your bust. For larger endowed women, extra boning will be added for support.