Bar-Winged Weever Skirt




The Bar-Winged Weever is a high-waist, two-toned, elegant skirt that hugs the hips and buttocks. The front hemline curves up to mid-thigh with the back falling down to rest behind the knees. The bottom is layered with a two-tone ruffle that matches the corset. The back is detailed with a dark blue decorative stripe that’s narrow at the top and widens at the bottom.

Weever Design Description

The Weever is a beautiful, fitted skirt with a mischievous front hem that’s either shortened to arch upwards, showing off more thigh for a provocative yet respectable look. Or draped low for a more creative, sultry look. The back of the skirt falls down to hang longer than the front, for a lovely, flirtatious effect.

About Birdcage Skirts

Every skirt design can be made to mix and match any corset color and style, or be purchased on their own. Please be aware that exact fabric and accessories used in the photos, may not be able to be replicated. This is because we do not purchase rolls of the same fabric to mass produce products. All skirts are fitted exactly to you and are all fully lined, adding weight and durability to the clothing.